Make Money Your Lover – The Free 7 day Intro Course

Join me into the Sensual Exploration of Making Money Your Lover.

By making money your lover, you begin to fully embrace and love yourself and your desires.  In this process you receive the attention, acknowledgment, love and pure divine pleasure that you are longing for.  Take control of your desires and revel in the magic that begins to unfold as each one of your juicy desires becomes manifest right before you in ease and in pleasure.

It is time to make up with your desires and with money.

I have created this juicy 7 day complimentary course just for you to get started on the beautiful journey of making money your lover.

For each of the 7 days you will receive:

  • an audio recording sharing with you powerful insight, creative and fun practices, and radiant encouragement.
  • a pdf version of this recording.
  • full energetic support from me that it is possible to have your desires fully funded, and you can receive them with orgasmic pleasure and sparkling ease.
  • access to the secret Facebook group where you can connect with others on this juicy journey.

The Sensual Itinerary:

Day 1 – Make up sex with your lover

Day 2 – Creating a new dialogue with your desires

Day 3 – Becoming one with your lover

Day 4 – Creating more space, for more love and more money

Day 5 – Embracing it all

Day 6 – Loving and trusting without judgment

Day 7 – Embracing the energy of manifestation and expansion into more pleasure and love

Are you ready to join me on this 7 day journey?  There is no risk, only the risk of expanding into more orgasmic pleasure in your every day life, into receiving your desires, and living a life of flow and magic.  Are you ready for that?

Sign up below and get started right now

Make Money Your Lover - Free Ecourse

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Some glowing reflections of working with me –

“Jacquelyn always gets to the root and source of whatever I’m experiencing. Whether I’m confused, ungrateful or just plain stubborn. She softly and lightly encourages you to rise up from being a victim to being your own damn bus driver. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of a relationship of healing where the healer allows you to follow your own path and take it easy if you need to, but holds that kite firmly when you’re going to new placed inside yourself. A teacher and a wise companion for the road ahead, she holds a natural energy of “Of course, everything is going to be fine, you’re amazing.””
-Valerie Malcolm

Jacquelyn has a natural flair for holding expansive space and asking the right questions. Her ability to hold a very loving space, by gradually nudging her clients to step into their power, makes her very special. She believes that life should be easy and she helps create that for her clients because she lives that in herself. She is not afraid to look deeper in herself so she can continue to expand and hold even a bigger and a more powerful space for her clients. Jacquelyn is devoted to her own evolution and to living her life from spirit, everything for her is listening and following. Her life is all about living from a high level of consciousness and helping others create that. Her gentle, nurturant and lovable spirit is comforting and inviting. She is a Teacher and she is here to teach her students to find their way into their bliss.
-Simin Vaswani
IT Professional, Energy Healer, Artist.

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