Akashic Record Journeys

What are the Akashic Records?

This is a question that I get almost every day.  Most of us were not brought up ever hearing the word Akashic, so we don’t have much of a framework to understand what it is, in our physical reality anyway. Our souls, on the other hand, do know what it is and that is why a lot of people are becoming more and more drawn to the Akashic Records; your mind doesn’t fully understand it, but something very important resonates within your soul and compels you to learn more.

The Akashic Records are an energetic record of everything that has happened to your soul since it broke apart from Divine Source, so that it could know and experience itself.

We are all Divine, we are all creators of our existence and we all have free will.  It was our will that allowed us to incarnate, it was our choice to have all the experiences that we have had in this lifetime and in all others.

What is all around us is our choice.  We are never victims, everything that is feeling blocked or restricted in our lives came to us through a choice.  It is very important to understand this aspect of free will, we always have a choice. This is one of the most important lessons that we learn through working in the Akashic Records.

Some people think of the Akashic Records as a library of books, scrolls or computers that have a record of everything about us. For me, sometimes it is a library, sometimes a garden and sometimes it is out in the Universe.

Why should I care about the Akashic Records?

When we go into the Akashic records we have access to who you are at the purest level.  We can find out where your soul originated, what are your core strengths, what avenues of creation work best for you, and how you can move forward with ease and grace to create the life that you passionately desire.

We can also find out what has been stopping you from fulfilling your Soul’s purpose. This is the key about why you should care about the Akashic records, if you know who you are at soul level, you know your purpose and you know what is preventing you from getting there, you can begin to understand how to make new choices. You can stop seeing yourself as a victim and truly embrace the Divine creative being that you are.

Along with accessing the information in the Akashic records we can also clear any restrictions that have clouded your soul in this lifetime or past lifetimes.  This is the work that will propel you into your true desire, your true passion and the life that you so deeply desire.

So love yourself and heed your call.  I know you hear it, because I hear it too and is why I am here in service to you.

Each Akashic Record reading package is a 21 day process.  First we meet on the phone for about 60 minutes and we will do your initial reading and clearing.  Then after this session I will create your personalized ritual and prayer that will assist you in creating everything that you desire, that you will do for the next 21 days.  You will receive this via email within 24 hours.  We will then meet 2 more times for about 30 minutes via phone around day 10 and day 20.

This is a process of transformation and beginning of creating a life of abundance and power for you.