Are You Valuable?

Do you have an answer to this question?

Are you thinking that there is no answer for this question?

If so, then how come you are not living the life of your dreams?

Every time you think or feel like you have to ‘earn your keep’ or you have to ‘pay your dues’ you are placing a value on yourself.

There was a time that I asked myself about my value, and I couldn’t see or feel it.  This confused and intrigued me so I went out and looked for my value.

I asked “How do you value yourself?”

I realized that I was looking to my phone, my computer, to the faces of others, to my bank account for my value.  I discovered that there was a part of me that thought “If other people saw that I was valuable then I must be.”

But I still didn’t feel it, I couldn’t see it.

What is my value? Can I own my value? How do I own my value?  Where is my value? What is value?

All these questions came streaming in, and I wondered if I was trying to quantify my value.

What is the measure of self worth?  Why do I have to be worthy?  Is worthiness necessary? What is the necessary ingredient to live in my full power?

“Aha”, that was the real question – What is the necessary ingredient to live in my full power, without feeling like I have to earn it?  How can I intrinsically live a life of abundance?

I was exhausted, I had been working since I was 10 and still had not acquired the feelings or the things that I desired, and I saw that it was connected with a limiting belief about the quantity of my value.

The quantity of my value was connected with what I was doing; the hours I was putting in, the value that I was giving to others, the value that others saw in me.  This felt very icky and wrong to me.

This was a life lived in fear of not being worthy, of not feeling intrinsically valuable and able to receive everything that I desired.  So I dug in and searched for a way of living that felt more aligned with my authenticity and desires.  In this search I realized that it was fear that was stopping me, and most everyone else.

“Why do we, as a human race, live by fear?”

How do we transcend the outdated impulse to go into fear, the fear of not having enough?  So we attack, we hoard, we work harder and look for our value in our hours and in our possessions in an effort to ‘survive’.

How can we adjust this survival instinct?  We all know that we won’t survive this way, but we keep doing it anyway.  Why do we continue to perpetuate self hatred as a form of survival, when we know it doesn’t work?  How do we align our bodies and our souls, our humanness and our divinity to live beautiful, abundant lives?

We are all tired and don’t want to work on this path of destruction any longer, but how do we stop?

We stop by embracing our being.  ‘Being’ versus ‘doing’.

Our value is in our ‘quality of being’ not our ‘quantity of doing’.

Quality of Being Quantity of Doing







naturally attract people, money, love, etc


don’t have to work for value, value will be naturally in your life




busy doing




must work for your value

earn your keep

pay your dues

The focus on ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’ will lead you to your worth, your infinite value.  Your outside world and inside world will match.  Life is abundant in being.  Life is scarcity in doing

How do we shift from doing into being?

We shift by embracing our infinite nature, by living in our passions, by opening up to possibilities that haven’t seemed available to us before, by practicing presence, and by standing in our full beauty and power.

‘Being’ is a place of feeling into our selves, following our truth and our passions, and feeling great about everything that we do. 

Sounds easy right?

Not exactly, but it is possible and we can do it together.

Be amazingly abundant,


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