Channeling the Energy of Lightning

Channeling the Energy of Lightning

There I was right under a massive thunderstorm in a tent, in the forest, all alone. The thunder was so loud at times I had to cover my ears, the rain was pelting the tent and the flashes of light were shocking and blinding. And believe it or not it happened not once, but twice in one night.

I had been spending a few days in the forest, I needed some Earth connection and some animal energy, and to get out of the city.  My boyfriend, Chris, was with me for the first few days but he had to go to work at the Firehouse, so I was alone.

I wholly embraced spending time alone in the forest, with the wind, and all of the animals that were frolicking in the summer air.

I enjoy being alone out in nature.  It gives me time to reconnect with my own rhythms of nature within me, and allows for creating more space and for some enlivening expansion. If you haven’t ever done it yourself, I highly recommend it.

Sometimes it is scary, I was definitely scared when I was awakened by the booming thunder and cracks of lightning. But I feel it is important to do things that scare you a bit. I also feel that it is important to look at your fear, embrace it, and love it.

So that is what I did, I connected with my breathing, and embraced this massive creation of mine to help me clear out fear and create more space for magic and passion.

Yes, you heard me right, I created these thunderstorms right above my head.

Earlier that night I had been teaching my 3rd week of the Spirit Guide Online workshop, and we were working on creating even more space in our energy fields and in our physical lives, so that we could channel energy to help us receive guidance more clearly and to manifest our desires.

And of course the teacher has to do it too.  I had no idea what I had opened myself up for but here it was a huge amount of power and electricity of my own creation.  This was a direct effect of the work that I had done earlier in the night of connecting with my guides, expanding my boundaries and channeling larger and larger amounts of energy.

And through my feelings of fear that surfaced, due to the storm, I was able to embrace and channel the energy of lightning.  By stepping into gratitude and love that I was receiving this stunning show of nature I was able to embody and use this power for myself.

What a gift. The rain, thunder and lightning were assisting me in expanding and clearing more and more space. It was an intense and a magnificent show of power.

If this power exists in the world, it also exists within me. I am the power of a massive thunderstorm. Wow!

Deep Breath.

It was all coming together, for months I have been channeling Marilyn Monroe.  I have also been connecting with other Iconic energies for my clients like the Wicked Witch, Thomas Edison and Pinky Tuscadaro, and now lightning. 

The Iconic and Elemental energies were giving their gifts to me and I was receiving gratefully and excitedly.

Yesterday after the storm I did a bunch of things that scared me a bit, I was feeling incredibly powerful.  I drove a large truck, that I had been scared to drive before, I was scooping up bugs out of the tent, that I wouldn’t normally do, and I hiked alone on a difficult trail I had never been on before.  The power to move beyond my ‘so called’ boundaries was very present and easy for me to use.

On my hike I came across an energetic gateway (see the pic below).  As I sat in this gateway I was shown a majestic mountaintop, and received the message that I could also channel the elemental energy of the mountaintop.  The insight, the power, the stability, nobility and grace were all easily available to me right there.


I felt so humbly grateful for these experiences and perceptions, all of these energies were available to me and are also to you.

All the power, wisdom and energies that exist in the World also exist in each of us.

The energy that is currently flowing through me is exhilarating and sometimes scary and overwhelming.  But I recognize it as expansion, as what I have asked for, and I breathe, embrace and use all of my tools and resources to soothe and comfort me.

I am here, I am me, and I am expanding into all of my desires and dreams.  Within 2 days I manifested 2 huge desires of mine and more are coming together.  I am so thrilled and honored to receive these gifts, and can’t wait to share them with you.  Lightning turned me into a manifesting Badass.

Much Love,



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