Coming to the Edge of Your World

I’m a seeker, a detective of psychological intrigue and behavior of the energetic patterns expressed in our daily experience.

I crawl, I creep to the edge to peer over the limit of what we think we know.  What we call the ‘edge’, the ‘limit’, the darkness where we will walk no further.

I actually seek these edges to explore the ability of expanding possibilities, and to uncover the prisons of limiting ideals.

This is the whisper, the call for the prison break, the rumbling among the inmates. This is the time, there is no more planning, no more waiting, or anticipating the perfect time.  

The perfect time is here, now. 

I have crept to the edge and I have seen, felt, experienced what is possible.  It is so close.

Your value, your power, your conjuring skills are so close to you.  All you need to do is trust that they are you, “closer than hands and feet and nearer than breathing”, and experience your truth. 

Your life is the experiment for you to experience the truth of who you are, of how magically powerful you are.

I can show you what I have seen, felt, experienced through teaching, energetic transmission, probing the limits of your current reality, giving you the support and push that you need to fully embody the f*^&ing juicy, magnetic, feminine joy and knock down power that you innately possess. 

Are you ready for that?

I am, I am so ready.  I am so ready for my full embodiment of my value, and for all the women around me.  This is my expression; signaling you from the edge and saying “come, look it’s real, we can really do this”. 

You can do this!

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