Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Most people say “Yeah right – that is not realistic”

What would you do to actually feel happy?  

Would you spend $50, $100, $2000?  Would you quit your job?  Would you leave a relationship?  Would you move to a different city?  Would you start your own business?

What would you be willing to do to not worry and to be happy?

I would do it all (and have been doing it more and more).  It is no longer OK for me to not be happy, it is no longer acceptable for me to feel sick.

I want to live in the Flow of Love and Abundance.  What about you?

Today as I was thinking about what I would write to you about, I thought what do I need right now.  I need to be clear, I need to feel in the flow and get the chills on an hourly basis – telling me that I am on the right path and that I am happy and excited about the mysteries of the Universe and that I had a hand in creating all of this.

I need abundance and not have any restrictions on my happiness.  I need to feel supported enough that I can keep jumping off the cliff and keep looking into the dark caverns of my Soul for the lost and neglected parts of myself that need some beautiful light.

I need to not be limited by money and other people’s fears of not being supported.  I am here, I am love and I am supported, and can do whatever I feel is best for me in each moment.

What do you need to be happy right now?

It is no longer OK for you to not be happy.

How can you stop worrying?

This first thing that has helped me to stop worrying is to look into the shadows, to face my fears.  Every time I do this, I remove another layer of worry and increase my happiness chills.  Another way is to do the things that I really love and am passionate about.  The time is over for doing things that don’t enliven our souls, it is time to stand tall and say “This is me!”

There are many shadows and fears that we are not aware of and that are buried deep within.  These can be from past lives, from our ancestors or from our childhood.

How do I uncover these deep fears that are blocking my true happiness?

There are many ways to uncover your deep blockages and process them.  One way, that I like, is getting information from the Akashic Records.  In the records you can find out your soul purpose, your strengths and skills, what has happened in the past and present that is limiting your available choices, and continuing your worry patterns.

Once you know your blocks to happiness and living in the flow, you will uncover the choices that you have made, and continue to make, to limit yourself.  The awareness of the choice will bring light to the shadows and you can start to clear out the roadblocks to your own happiness chills.

It is becoming more and more difficult for me to be around people who are deep into their worry and fears.  It is almost painful, especially when it is people that I love.  The more I uncover my own shadows it becomes easier for me to see other people’s shadows, and motivates me even further to spread the light.

How can I spread the light to you?

So, what would you be willing to do to stop worrying and be happy?  If you were guaranteed happiness what would you be willing to do?

Your Soul and your Spirit Guides are guaranteeing happiness, it might not be comfortable or easy but it will bring you the happiness that you seek.  

It is jumping off the cliff of ego and false security to the life that you know is right for you.  You must be ready for change and accept the consequences of your exploration into the depths of your Soul’s experiences.

Are you ready?

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