Escape Routes

Your Escape Routes are Strangling Your Ability to Be Successful.

Yes, your plan B is actually causing you to fail, to not make that sale, or to remain underpaid. I know, I know, we all have been trained to have plan B, C, D, E, and F, but our other plans, our escape routes are strangling us.

There is no way around it, there is no escape, the only way through it is to go rogue.

Yes rogue.  Rogue from the conformity of expecting your plans to fail, of cynicism, of the need for escape routes.  It is time to make one plan and stick to it.  That doesn’t mean you can’t adjust it along the way, or even make a U-turn, but it has to be your only plan, otherwise you are actually limiting your success.

How many escape routes do you have?

Not sure?  Think of something that you really want right now, and then ask yourself “What would I do if this didn’t happen?”.  The ideas that pop into your head are your escape routes, and they are actually taking energy and intention away from what you really want.

The more escape routes you have the less likely you are to get what you want.

Are you ready to actually get what you want?

Then you need to have one intention, one direction towards that desire, no more back doors, escape hatches, or disappearing acts.

Yes, this may make you feel like you are suffocating, and you will probably have some deep rooted egoic survival instincts come up.  But all you have to do is embrace them and they will dissolve into the crowded graveyard of antiquated egoic beliefs.

Why are my escape routes causing me to fail?

Like attracts like, and what you think about the most actually manifests in your life.  Think about leaks in a hose.  Your plan A is the water coming out of the end of the hose, but your other plans are creating holes in the hose, and the more escape routes you create the less power the water has at the end of the road.

You can’t take more than one path at a time so why waste your time and energy in creating other plans.  It doesn’t make sense.

Take the time to uncover your escape routes, and set your awareness on catching them when they veer you off your path to your desires.  The more you catch them, the less they will distract you with ideas of safety, security and a fairy godmother.

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