Giving to Yourself

Giving to yourself is the ultimate form of manifesting

As I contemplate and digest the information that I received the night of the lunar eclipse I continue to come back to this statement:  Giving to yourself is the ultimate form of manifesting.

For right now this is the first step in creating the life that you crave.  This is the step where you decide to give this gift to yourself, you decide to invest in your creative powers and your abilities to manifest the life that you crave.

Since we are the creators of our experience and we are the one’s who manifest what we want in our life, it makes perfect sense that we need to think of manifesting as giving to ourselves.

If we don’t give to ourselves, who else will?  We can longer wait around for others to give to us, it is our time to be the ultimate magnetic manifesters.

Are you willing to give yourself the life that you crave?

Are you willing to give yourself abundance in money, health, love and energy?

You have the power to give it all to yourself.

How can I give myself everything that I want?

First start off with the ready to receive hand test.  Hold out your hands in a gesture of asking for something and waiting for it to come into your hands.

How comfortable are you holding your hands open like that?  How long can you hold your hands like that?  What feelings come up for you?  Do you feel vulnerable, guilty, selfish, excited, grateful, happy?

This test is an easy and effective way to understand how ready you are to receive, and the longer you can keep your hands open in a gesture of receiving, the more able you are to manifest everything that you desire.

Next is the action of giving to yourself.  Once you feel comfortable holding your hands open to receive then take your open hands and place them on your body, wherever it feels natural.  I usually put my hands on my heart and my 2nd chakra, my lower belly.

With your hands on your body feel how you are giving yourself what you want, what you are working on manifesting.  Feel the energy entering your body from your hands, feel how you are giving to yourself, how you are allowing abundance to flow into your life.  You feel how you will actually get it because you have the power to create your experience.

Try it now.

Think of what you want to manifest, for instance the money to join the Ultimate Manifesting program, feel comfortable in having your hands open to receive, then as you put your hands on your body, you give yourself the money, give yourself the energy, and the power to receive exactly what you want.

This is a powerful practice of receiving, giving and manifesting.  That’s it.  The more you practice this the more of a powerful magnetic manifesting force you will become.

I would love to hear how this feels for you and what you have manifested in your life.  Leave your comments in the box below.

In ultimate abundance,


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