How Ready are You to Receive – The Simple Test

Are you feeling that you just don’t know how to manifest?

You do your law of attraction exercises, your meditations, your affirmations, your visualizations,  but you are not completely manifesting everything that you want?

Are you frustrated with not having the life you want?

One of the main reasons why you are not manifesting everything that you want may be because you are not ready to receive.

There is something blocking you from actually receiving the things that you are trying to manifest.

You may feel like you don’t deserve to receive, or that you have to work hard to get the things that you want, that you have to suffer, or that you are selfish if you really get something for yourself.  Or it may be a limiting belief that you learned when you were a child, from your family, or from our World.

There is a very simple way to see how much you are blocking yourself from receiving.  So right now hold out your hand and see how open your hand is.  Is it more comfortable for your hand to be clenched and closed?  Is it part way open, or is it easily comfortable for you to keep your hand completely open?

Seriously do it.  How comfortable are your hands being open?

This is the easiest way to see how much you are blocking yourself from receiving everything that you want in your life.

The next step is to see how long you can keep your hands open.  Close your eyes, hold your hands out open in front of you, and sit with the intention of ‘I am worthy to receive”, “I am ready to receive everything that I want in my life”.

How long can you keep your hands in that position and feel comfortable?

How does it feel?  Do you feel vulnerable, does it feel like you are asking for help, and that makes you feel uncomfortable?  Does it feel good, do you feel open, accepting, and grateful?

If you can keep your hands comfortably open for 5 minutes, you are probably not having any issues with manifesting.  But if you can’t, you are blocking yourself from receiving.

The amount of time that you can keep your hands open comfortably is directly linked to how open you are to receiving.

This is a very eye opening experience; experiencing how you hold your hands can tell you how you feel about receiving, and your feelings of asking for what you want.

Are ready to receive?

If so, I want to talk with you.

Let’s get ready to receive,


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