Letting Go of All the Stories

The War is Over

Yesterday I asked for a group of beings to join me to answer some of my questions.  I was joined by 4 Lemurians, Gaia, my Higher Self and my Spirit Guides.  This is a compilation of what was discussed.

Letting Go of All the Stories

All of them,

Letting go of the past

Letting go of the specifics

     you have of the


Go forward with the feelings,

    the experience that

    you desire

Leave the strict rules

    that you are clinging to.

Live now, you have done all the work.  Now all you have to do is access the present moment and you will receive everything that you need.

Finish clearing away all the residue, and you will see the truth of who you are now.

Sit back and Relax

    En Joy Life – Live Now.

The Final Phase

1- To realize you are done fighting and working.  THE WAR IS OVER.

2- Let go of the stories, the struggles, the skills that you needed for the fight, but no longer need.  Drop everything you needed to climb the mountain – you have reached it.

3- Sit in the Brilliance

4- En Joy Life – Here Now

5- Hear and follow Your Heart Song


There is no future, no more looking forward to something.  This is where you get to create anew, in each beautiful moment.

All of the stories have returned to the light.

Do not worry – all knowledge is accessible

Love Yourself Now – Here

You are connected to everything

    You can see anything

    You can hear everything

    Know the truth

    in all cells of existence.

You can do whatever you want to do,

Whatever makes your heart sing.

It is about adjusting to the destination – it is not that you no longer journey but the awareness shifts to right now.

To the feelings, to the state of existence that you desire.

Time has come back to itself.

Everything is now

Past, Present, and Future

Love, Truth, and Honor of Self.

There is a period of transition

Now the dust is settling and you can begin to experience this clear paradigm

The Paradigm of all possibilities

    all potentials

    – you just follow what makes your heart sing – what you truly want to experience

    outside of dualities.

You are everything

Everything is You

Anything that you are currently experiencing, that you don’t want to experience – Say No More.

Earth has moved to a vibration that will make this not only possible but necessary.

You only live your true desires in full love of yourself with the knowing that you are everything and everything is you.

Living in Pure Peace of Everything.

Release your hunger for growth,

You are Grown.

There is only the expansion of your awareness

    as the dust clears.

We are a symphony of heart songs

    moment by moment

    piercing existence

    with love, light and peace

    truth, honor, wisdom

    -every cell singing along

Honoring the beauty and the truth in everything.


The time living in the pain is over

    it is time to face it

    and honor it as a part of you.

Drop the Stories.

You have already experienced it

    you know it

    now it is time

    to move onto

    another state of being –

Explorations of Elation

The less you say about yourself

    the more you are being.

The definitions have changed.

The Chakras have changed their stories too.

They have increased their rate of fluidity and have expanded their own awareness of truth.

Stories now are a way to experience expanded awareness,

    ever expanding

    -this will be learning

Not acquiring knowledge but

    expanding awareness

    -this is learning.

There is no loss or gain

    only expanding awareness

If you know it as yourself

    you always have access to all experiences, all knowledge.

Definitions limit

    remove the barriers

    -there is no longer a need to accept them,

    they will dissolve without


The easiest way to stay present is to focus on your breathing, when you catch yourself suffering

Breathing is Now – The Foundation of Meditation.

The idea of time has changed

    transformed to limitless expanse

    within Indescribable Beauty.

Now when you read or listen to others’ stories

    you feel if they are a part of your heart song

You feel, you resonate, you integrate if it sings with your heart.

You embrace, integrate, expand and experience only Pure Love if that is what you choose.

Directly From Gaia


Higher Vibration Rate

You are Gaia, you are made of me

Time is not linear

Time is experential

     allowing you to see what you need to see to move forward.

However you no longer need to experience time in this old way.

We are now moving into a much more fluid and transcendental experience of time.

You can put your hands through the veil to adjust and reconfigure your experience.  You have the power to manipulate time and space.

Why and How?

Why do we have or need the power to manipulate time and space?

You have it because you are Earth, you are space, you are Spirit, you have created in many different ways the life that you are living and the environment in which you live.  Now you are becoming much more conscious of this and beginning to see the effects of your choices and decisions.  You can manifest, you just have to be able to see the effects of your thoughts and actions and truly understand your multi-dimensional beings and experiences.

My Understanding of the Shift in Earth/Gaia at this time

An Earth Wave – How the Earth moves and adjusts, it moves like a wave, it is much more fluid and light than we have been taught.  She moves in the same way as water does just at a different rate, they move together, when there is dissonance is when there is some destruction.   This destruction is necessary for every entity, being, to exist in this place, these are the adjustments.  This is the losses in the finding of balance. We and the Earth are self-regulating.  It is just nature, it just is, we don’t have to think about it, it automatically happens.  Death and destruction are the self regulation of the system.

We only need to tap into the energy of the Earth and her/our ability to self-regulate.  To allow our true nature to guide our choices and then we won’t have to experience such harsh adjustments.

We agree to the level in which we experience the ups and downs of our own self adjustments.  We have the power to create our experience, all we need is the consciousness, the awareness.  We can let go of suffering and embrace joy.

Please discuss, comment, ask questions and even submit questions for me to ask to continue this conversation with the team in the comments section below.

Much Love,


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  1. How can something so freeing be so hard for me to accept? I’m struggling this weekend. I can’t seem to figure out how motherhood fits in all of this. I have a 10 month old, and it’s hard to let yourself do what you want to do when you are stopped by someone else needing so much from you. This parenting thing has been the catalyst for my change because it’s so difficult, but it’s the only thing that doesn’t seem to get easier. I’d like to no longer agree with parenting being difficult. Can that happen?

    1. Yes, Valerie it can happen. It is like anything else you need to embrace your role as a parent and the role of your child in your life. Your thinking about the past or the future is causing dissonance in your present life. Take each moment of struggle and “take refuge in the present moment” (Thich Nhat Hahn). I know it is difficult and I have discussed this with many moms. I am not a mom, but would love to open this discussion up to other moms that are also going through this. I know you are out there.

  2. Jacquelyn, thank you so much for this. It’s amazing! I’ve been processing a lot of emotion these past 2 weeks and have been experiencing fear and confusion but shining through all of that is a deep resonance with everything included in this post. Especially the explorations with elation section.
    It’s not always easy for me to comment on these posts because it brings up so much but I want you to know I’m always so appreciative of all the guidance, wisdom and support you put out there. It’s been a God-send during these times of transition.

    1. Hi Tanja,
      Thanks for being courageous and sharing your thoughts and feelings. It is my desire that these messages reach everyone that needs it, and I know that you have done a lot of work and so this is for you too – You are done working, now is the time for creating anew. What will you create? I can’t wait to see.

      Much Love to You,

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