Big claim right!

* I decided to change the name to 6 days – 3 days prep, 3 days manifesting  

Well it might take you 6 days, depending on the level of your commitment to yourself and to your desires.

What is this work?

This work is laser focusing on your desires, claiming your desires to yourself and to the people in your life, bringing awareness to your stories about money, shifting anxiety, blame and guilt around money, and satisfying the parts of you that are holding you back.

That is what I will teach you to guide you on your journey of manifesting $600 in 6 days.

I have many people contacting me saying that they want to work with me but they don’t have the money. So I am offering this to those people.

-Lasering your desires
-Laying down the gauntlet to yourself and everyone in your life
-Bringing awareness to the parts of yourself that are not on board, or confident in your desires
-Satisfying those parts of you
-Shifting your anxiety, blame, guilt around money into your power to create what you want and manifest money.

So like I said before it might take you 6 days to build some momentum, sometimes it takes a few small successes to get to the big success, depending on how much you have done around your money story. Or it may take you one day, or 1 hour

I am offering these 5 steps, the support and celebration around you making this happen for $25. You can have access in the FB group for as long as you want. You will receive videos and written explanations of all of the steps, plus all of my fine tuning strategies

If you want to get it done in 3 days you need to make the commitment to yourself to do it and stick with it for 3 days, if you don’t feel ready to make that level of commitment it may take you 2-4 weeks depending on your commitment level.


You are ready



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