Our Inheritance of Self Loathing

How many generations back has the lack of self love existed?

How has it infiltrated our DNA and landed us in the current state of repulsion of parts of ourselves?

When was this thought first injected into the unconditional honor of self?

The infection of disregard for the ease of being our true selves weighs heavy on humanity.

This lens of judgement has been bequeathed to humanity for centuries.

Where did it come from?

Separation, ego, loneliness, confusion, survival, judgement, grading, labeling, not wanting to be the lowest – the back that everyone else stands on, the dirt, the Earth – How have we grown to hate the Earth, therefore ourselves?

Look back on the generations, how far do you have to go back to find self love?

The true expression of self without fear of ostracization or death?

          Fear of Loneliness

          Fear of Death

          Fear of Suffering

          Fear of Pain

All the ills of humanity stem from the disgust of ourselves, there are parts of ourselves that we are afraid to look at, to accept, to love.

Embrace the truth of self loathing

          the subtleness of programs

          of self loathing can be invisible

          to the maniacal mind.

It feeds the monster, keeps it in charge.

Every time you wish to be different, hide something of yourself, lie (even slightly), you are turning disregard, disapproval upon yourself, dampening the radiant love that you are.

Please go into those places and find what you have hidden, and bring all of your love back into your experience.

Love will save the World.

Only we have been pointing it in the wrong direction.

Now is the time to turn it upon Yourself

In acceptance, In truth, and In honor of You.

If you feel called please ponder these questions and join the conversation in the comments below.

Much Love to You,



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  1. I never realized how deep these tendencies of self loathing are. In many ways, they’ve become the default when my awareness is not fully in the present. Or, when I feel unsure or out of “control” in a situation, self loathing becomes a crutch. A way of justifying that I am not worthy of my own love and acceptance.

    Since my session with you, I’ve been saying my prayer everyday and have begun other rituals that are opening the pathways to my divinity. Things are already shifting and moving. Creativity is flowing and loving myself has moved to the top of my list.

    1. Yes, Mandy it is so ingrained that we don’t even realize it. It works so subtly, and is enmeshed in our DNA. It will take much awareness and intention to change it, but we can do it and we are doing it.

      I am so glad that you are doing this work, and feel honored to work with you along the way. Thanks for your comment.
      I love that loving yourself is at the top of your list. What are you doing differently?

      1. Taking time to be with myself. Committing to a daily ritual that reinforces my connection to the Earth. Meditation everyday, regardless of how much time I “think” I have or don’t have. Allowing myself to explore and express the creativity that springs forth in any given moment without worrying about the outcome. All things that I told myself I would get to and then make up a reason as to why I couldn’t or shouldn’t.

        1. Excellent

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