Past Life Integration Reading

Revel in the knowledge and energy of past lives where you possessed your full power, you were fulfilled in your expression of love, joy, and creative flow.  Take that power and energy to expand your current life to include all that you desire right here, right now.

Embrace the lives that your soul has difficulty integrating the truth of situations that feel traumatic.  Free yourself from that weight of past, so called bad decisions, and move on with complete awareness and self love.

Are you ready to integrate all of your choices, experiences and desires?

Then it is time for you to receive your Past Life Integration session.

In this session you will learn about two of your past lives.  The first one will tap into the energy of the life time that is most affecting you right now.  You may discover why you keep attracting situations that are not aligned with your desires, or why you continue to make decisions that don’t seem to serve you. The second life time will be your most powerful life time, the life that your soul felt the most vividly expressed, fulfilled and abundant.  You will then be able to use that energy to create the life of your desires.

You can experience this session in 2 ways:

1.  Via email audio recording.  Receive an audio recording of your two lifetimes $125.

You will receive this recording within 4-5 days.  Purchase Here.


2.  Via phone.  Receive this information in person over the phone for $250.

This session lasts about 60 minutes and will be recorded.  Purchase your phone session here.


The past life integration session is a profound and abundant step in your personal transformation to happiness, fulfillment and ease.  Loving yourself is the only way to manifest everything that you desire, get some clarity and support by taking this step and working with me, loving yourself body and soul.

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