When I first came to see Jacquelyn I had chronic pain on the left side of my neck, traveling down my arm to my left wrist. My Craniosacral work with Jacquelyn has made me realize that a lot of the pain I carry is emotional and helped set me on the path of seeking other help to end that pain. Through multiple sessions, the pain has subsided and I have more energy (am walking almost every day) and am enjoying my family and life more. After the first session I felt heavy and sad – I cried quite a bit. Now after sessions, I feel lighter and feel my pain and stress melting away. I feel I’m getting closer to the core of what hurts emotionally and am able to bring up more memories of happy times and things I am grateful for. I feel safe to express my emotions with Jacquelyn; the environment is peaceful and relaxed. I feel no pressure to feel one way or the other – what I’m feeling, I am feeling – no judgments. Jacquelyn helps you feel that your emotions are OK and not something you need to hide from, but something you need to express and understand. I only wish I could schedule longer sessions – I’m never ready to leave.- K. W. O’Neill


Jacquelyn has a natural flair for holding expansive space and asking the right questions. Her ability to hold a very loving space, by gradually nudging her clients to step into their power, makes her very special. She believes that life should be easy and she helps create that for her clients because she lives that in herself. She is not afraid to look deeper in herself so she can continue to expand and hold even a bigger and a more powerful space for her clients. Jacquelyn is devoted to her own evolution and to living her life from spirit, everything for her is listening and following. Her life is all about living from a high level of consciousness and helping others create that. Her gentle, nurturant and lovable spirit is comforting and inviting. She is a Teacher and she is here to teach her students to find their way into their bliss.
-Simin Vaswani
IT Professional, Energy Healer, Artist.
“Jacquelyn always gets to the root and source of whatever I’m experiencing. Whether I’m confused, ungrateful or just plain stubborn. She softly and lightly encourages you to rise up from being a victim to being your own damn bus driver. It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of a relationship of healing where the healer allows you to follow your own path and take it easy if you need to, but holds that kite firmly when you’re going to new placed inside yourself. A teacher and a wise companion for the road ahead, she holds a natural energy of “Of course, everything is going to be fine, you’re amazing.””
-Valerie Malcolm

My session with Jacquelyn was hands down one of the most amazing, life changing events in my life. I’ve been working with energy healers for the past 10-15 years and my work with Jacquelyn was by far the most profound. Truly life changing! During the session I felt a deep release and almost overwhelming sense of understanding, not only of this life but several before, and how they tied into current patterns. I experienced a feeling of safety and freedom to explore. After the session I felt very light and open, open to change and courage to continue growth.  I am full with rich sacred knowledge and understanding. I now feel closely bonded with my spirit guides, and have a new, fiery relationship with my spirit animal. Just a few days after my session I have a new lust for life, a fresh perspective and ease of mind. My goals feel easily reachable and I feel a new spark to my motivation. Old, deep-rooted pains have been lifted with my new understanding, and thus my life has been enjoyable for the first time in my life! I received more than I could’ve ever hoped and Jacquelyn is one of the most beautiful, loving souls I’ve ever encountered. We all deserve a release from our pain and the knowledge to continue forward on the right path. She’s a very safe and supportive guide on your spiritual path.- Jill


My Body Soul Love Session with Jacquelyn was intense and awesome.  During the session I felt a little intimidated at first, but was guided gently through intense emotional responses by Jacquelyn’s intuition and healing touch.  After the session I felt open and raw, in a good way.  The days following the session left me open, confident, and full of kindness and love for myself.– Annie


Jacquelyn listens very thoughtfully, and clearly thinks about me between sessions, which I think, makes each session more tailored to help my particular issues.  Jacquelyn clearly does research about my issues and comes up with many options to try to relieve my pain longer term; she also has provided a number of referrals.- Kelley D.


Sessions with Jacquelyn are all I expect and more. She establishes a peaceful, calm and relaxing atmosphere.  Jacquelyn works magic with her hands; she knows the body well and knows which muscles tend to be the offenders.  She integrates her knowledge of where we emotionally hold pain with her technical bodywork skills.  Jacquelyn is able to teach about the body and what she is doing with ideas of how to incorporate a more holistic approach to life to keep the benefit from the bodywork for a longer term.- Barbara Hafdahl, MMFT


I came to see Jacquelyn for pain relief. I always feel very deep structural releases from the work that Jacquelyn does. I usually feel a deep feeling of balance and relief after each session. Jacquelyn has an amazing gift that allows her to intuitively know what will be most supportive for her client during a session.- Hillary D.

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