Right Now

If you are doing the right thing for you right now, your future will be right.

Call it karma, cause and effect, the divine plan, it doesn’t matter.  The truth is that right now is all that is real, and the only way to get out of the trap that you are currently in is to “take refuge in the present moment” (Thich Nhat Hahn)

How do you stay in the present moment?

When I catch myself experiencing anxiety I ask myself  “What is the best thing for me, right here, right now?”.

That is how you focus on the present moment. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

The first step is practicing self awareness, yes this means meditation.  But it doesn’t have to be the old school kind of meditation.  There are many ways to meditate, it doesn’t have to be all sit down, cross your legs, put your hands to your heart and ohm.  We have evolved from that.

While I feel it is important to sit daily in quiet meditation, it doesn’t all have to be like that.

Your life can be a your meditation.

Your passion and your expression is your meditation.

Meditation is just the practice of awareness, awareness of your physical body, your mental processes, your emotions and your soul connection.  It is being aware of each cell, each organ, each dimension that you exist in.

Now you don’t have to know where all your organs are, or visit each cell in your mind, or believe in other dimensions.  It is about giving your attention to your entire being, and having an open mind, or a beginner’s mind, to allow for expanded awareness of who you are.

Think of the images of the Earth from the moon.  Think about how your perspective changes, how you see the world, the Universe.  Then take that perspective to yourself, all of who you are, all of who you have the infinite potential to become.

Watch from conception to birth video, (the actual video starts at 2:00) this is perspective changing too.  It is important to open your mind to new possibilities, one of the best ways to do that is through images, artwork, metaphor, music, etc.

It is putting a flashlight onto everything in your mind, body and soul.  Your intention is your flashlight.  If you are serious about knowing yourself completely and having the happy, peaceful life that you want.  It just takes intention and some practice.

Just start with 5 minutes, sit on the floor, or in a chair, just get comfortable.  Close your eyes and just focus on your breathing; inhale and exhale.  That’s it, just give yourself those 5 minutes a day to “take refuge in the present moment”.

And if you still need some help let me know and I would love to hear your insights in the comments below.

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  1. “Take refuge in the present moment” – this is wonderful. Thank you. I can hear this more clearly than other, similar sentiments. I had the opportunity to share it in a group last night and several others seemed to really appreciate it as well. Thanks, JCP! 😉

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