Self Truth

Self truth – the truth that we are sometimes afraid to admit; the discourse between our true desires and what we think we should have or be in this lifetime.

We are a people beyond our bodies, beyond our abilities to discern our truth from that of the illusion.

The illusion that was created to move us away from fear, fear of being eaten by a tiger, fear of the dark and fear of death.  This illusion covers up the fact that we don’t know why we are here, and we don’t know where we go when we die.

We are sick and in pain because our bodies are not living in the correct environment.  We are not making the most beneficial decisions for our bodies or using our bodies for what they were made.   When you are not doing what you were made to do, you start to get sick and dwindle away.  That is what is happening to our bodies and our souls.

The soul of the woman is strong, and in order for it to stay strong it needs to stay in shape.  Expression in all forms is the best exercise for our souls.  How does your soul like to express itself?

Is it dancing, singing, drawing, painting, running, preparing food, creating music, healing, writing, acting, being still, or being yourself?

Our souls need to be free to shine, and when our minds and emotions are controlling our soul, it starts expressing itself in the form of pain in the body.

The pain can come in many forms.  It can be physical pain, like a lumbar bulging disc, a migraine, or a chronic neck spasm.  It can show itself as depression, anxiety or lethargy.  So many of us have chronic dis-ease, and deep down we know how to fix it, we just feel that the solution is too difficult or too scary.

So why is it too difficult or too scary to allow our souls to express themselves?  It is because of the illusion?

The illusion that we have to look a certain way or have a certain car, that illusion is the one that is killing our souls.  Do we really need to spend our lives trying to get to our ideal weight?  While I know it is important not to be over weight, it is also important to know when we are at our ideal weight and not the illusion’s ideal.

Love your body, love yourself exactly how you are.  I know you have heard this before, and believe me I know how you feel, love yourself, yeah right, easier said than done.  When you are in pain, depressed and exhausted how are you supposed to love yourself?  It is not easy and you probably won’t be able to do it alone.  You need to ask for help; tell anyone that is in your life how you are feeling and what you need.

Acceptance of your current situation and physical and emotional state is what is usually needed before anyone will ask for help.  That is the first step; you might have people in your life asking to help you, but nothing will change until you accept yourself as you are right now and are ready to ask for help.

The illusion also isolates us from our communities.  We flourish when we are working together; we were never meant to live our lives on our own.  Asking for help will reconnect your soul back into your pack, into your community.  Asking for help is the strongest action that you can take in order to free yourself from the illusion and the pain.

If you need help in finding your soul’s expression apply for the free chronic pain relief session here. 

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