Spirit Guides – Why, How and Who

How do I get Spirit Guides?

When you are born you come to Earth with one or two spirit guides.  You chose this guide for assistance in fulfilling your life purpose on Earth before you were born.

Then as you grow older and begin to make more and more choices for yourself, your higher self chooses spirit guides to assist you further on your journey.  Your soul does not know exactly what you may encounter in your life, so waits to choose guides as you need them.  For example: If you were a shy child and your higher self felt that you needed to get beyond the shyness to fulfill your purpose, you may have choosen a ‘confidence’ spirit guide.

When I do spirit guide readings the guides usually introduce themselves as their job and not by a name.  This way it is easier to understand what they are helping you with.  I also check to see what age you chose each guide, which usually gives you insight into why you picked them looking back on your life situation at that time.  This information really gives you great perspective on your life purpose, and what next steps are in your highest good.

Who are My Spirit Guides?

Spirit Guides are souls that vibrate at a higher dimension than we do on Earth.  Their only job is to work for you, and assist you in fulfilling the life purpose that you chose before you were born.

Guides were not loved ones who have passed over, and they have not been incarnated in this lifetime with you.  This is not to say that you won’t have loved ones with you, but they are not your spirit guides.

Why do I need Spirit Guides?

Your soul knows when you decide to incarnate on Earth that you will be shrouded in forgetfulness.  That you will not clearly remember your plan and will need help accomplishing your purpose.  That is why we need spirit guides, they are our connection to the higher dimensions and our higher purpose, and will guide us here on Earth.  The problem is that sometimes the forgetfulness and negativity here is so thick that you can’t hear or even know that your spirit guides are with you.

Spirit Guides are like your trusted friends and family that give you advice and support.  Spirit guides will never tell you that you have to do something, they may suggest what is in your highest good, but they never say you HAVE to do something.  You are in control of all of your choices, free will is your divine right.

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