The Glow of Hope

The glow of hope exists here, Now.

I am alone atop the slide of discovery of a new dimension, a new perspective.

This hope shimmers in words from the spider.

“Write your words, let them flow out of you.”

Flow.  So here I flow.

Here the words are allowed to join together to form a lucid expression of my truth, my experience, my self.

The self that exists here, now.  Not how I got here, not where I am going but Now.  My presence.

My presence sees truth and deceptive illusions.

My practice gives me the opportunity to remain here, in the present, to be light, to be free.

This also gives me the opportunity to see what I am still attached to, what I am still replaying over and over – that which is not happening now.

Now I feel hopeful, I feel reconnected with my body, I am gaining strength, I feel sexy again.

My dancing practice is what shows me the present moment, the music gives me the tone, the spirit flow, the Heartsong.

Now is a space, a refuge, an understanding of the essence of pure truth.

It is the only thing that is real.

Being present doesn’t mean that you don’t have problems, it means you work on the problems in front of you now.  If you take care of them now then they won’t be waiting for you in the future, therefore you have nothing to worry about.

How does the past work?

The past is only memory, and like perception, memory is not always true, or may not contain the whole truth.

If there is anger from the past, look at that anger, embrace it as a part of yourself.  Embrace that person that has angered you, see yourself in that person.

See yourself in that person.

Seeing yourself in the person that you are angry with melts the stories, the anger, the misconceptions.  It may take some practice but it does work.

It is time to start your practice, or take it up a notch or 3.

What is a practice?

What you do that makes you smile, laugh, feel great, these are the things that are a part of your practice.

You practice smiling, laughing, and feeling great.

You do this by doing what you love.

The more you make yourself happy the more you learn about yourself, and how you are in tune with your self.


You have happiness, abundance.  You are thriving.

So what is your practice?

Mine is dance, drawing, yoga, writing, dancing, running, walking, music, jumping, balancing, loving my body, meditation, singing, processing, having sex, swimming, playing with Bodhi, hanging with my friends, working with other people, writing.

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