Time to Cancel this Old Paradigm

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I hear it all around me, the stories of woe and fear.  I do not watch it or listen to it, I just hear it in the voices of the people around me, walking down the street, in the store, even at the beach. People are scared, many people are still trying to hold together this old system.

Anytime someone tries to spout patriarchal propaganda to me I say “that’s not my reality”, with my strong conviction and steady eyes. Most just stand there open mouthed, it is all just empty, there is nothing left of the patriarchy. It is a shell of a show, like a sitcom that is way past it’s prime. It is time to cancel this old paradigm.

There is nothing to hold on to, it is gone.  But there is a beautiful, loving, energy just next to you that actually works. Now is the time to connect with what works, it is time to let go of everything else.  All you have to do is turn and look at it, feel it, experience it.

It’s the gasping last breath of the patriarchal tier, that is distracting you from the new paradigm. They have their mouths, and faces so ingrained into our lives that it makes it easy for them to continue.  So power them down, and allow your own feeling, thoughts, and new ideas to flood your consciousness.

You know it to be true, you can feel it.  How many times do things like this need to happen before you say enough?  There has to be a better way, there has to be a way that actually works.

Now is the time to hold on to what you know, what you feel to be true.  That is the only thing that you can believe.  Don’t worry if there are people around you that don’t believe, you are your own best authority.  The more you live in your authority the more you will find people that are living like you, and the love and the connections will grow, and the changes will become visible.

Right now they are invisible, and we have been trained that only things that are visible are real.  If you are reading this you know that isn’t true.  But it is still a part of your make up, part of your cultural programming, so it is still somewhere in your consciousness, in your shadow.

So acknowledging what is in your shadow, your unconscious, is an important tool in bringing the new paradigm to full light.  The more light you can shine on the old programming that lies in your unconscious the quicker the old paradigm will fall away.

There are many tools that shine the light on your unconscious that work very well.  I like two – the squares technique developed by Leslie Temple Thurston and the embracing technique that I learned from Lucia Rene.  We explore these techniques once a week in the Squares Circle, you can join us at any time.

When you are ready you will know it.  When you are ready to release the fear, release the old programming, to release all the systems that are not working in your world, You will say I am cancelling this paradigm!

I am ready for the NEW WORLD!

I would love to hear what is happening for you right now, just comment in the box below.

Much Love,


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