Top 3 Ways to Stop Waiting for What You Want

Top 3 Ways to Stop Waiting for What You Want

Love, Money, Sex – What are you waiting for?

12525110_10209094568904442_1071357448679475125_oThe most frustrated feelings come from waiting for what we want.  We want to get money, to find the right lover, to have an orgasm, and it makes us feel hopeless and unworthy. Waiting will not get us what we want, it is time to stop waiting, it is time to get what we want right now.

  1.  Don’t make yourself wait.  No more waiting to pee, to eat or to get a drink.  If you are hungry or thirsty do something about it, if you have to pee – go.  These are the easiest things to do for yourself to begin to reduce the amount of time that you spend waiting.  If you are making yourself wait you are creating the space and the energy for waiting in your life.  You are telling your body and your soul that it is normal to wait.  Today is the day that you no longer make yourself wait. Take the stand, do it now.
  1.  You don’t wait anymore, not for anyone, or anything.  You don’t even have that word in your vocabulary any longer.  If you find yourself beginning to feel the frustration of waiting, you stop. That’s it, you stop waiting and you do something else. It can be as easy as practicing your deep breathing, engaging in your visualizing and connecting to your desires time, it can turn into a time when you clean out your emails, or do your stretches.  You take control of that time and it is no longer ‘waiting time’.
  1. Experience what you want right now.  You take the time to feel what you want right here and now.  I know that may seem like a trick, and it still works.  Tricks work. The reason why we desire anything is because we want to feel something, we want to experience something.  So if you feel like you are waiting for money, love, a slimming and more toned body, then feel what it would feel like right now.  You have the power to do that, try it now.  Feel the feeling that you desire in your body – feel what it would feel like to not overwork yourself to make the money that you want. Feel what it would feel like to get that car you want, or those 2 orgasms a day.  Feel it, even if it is for 10 seconds.  That is how you don’t wait.  It’s instant access.

This will take the belief that you have the power to get what you want and the motivation to set up reminders for yourself, that’s it.  The more you do these 3 things the less you will be waiting for anything in your life.  If you need some help email me and let’s set up a time to get on the phone.

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