Value and Connection

Uncovering, defining, and fine tuning your connection to your value is an isolated practice. You have to embrace it alone, without any connection to anyone.  At least that is what it feels like in the 3rd dimension.

So let’s just talk about how to do it here, in the 3D, because that is where we are.  Then we can discuss the more expansion implications of being fully you.

In coming face to face with your value you embody your desires, your strengths and your power.

What does it mean to embody?

Embody means to have all of your energy, intention and awareness within your body.  You have access to every cell, every organ, every system and enzymatic catalyzation.

You feel as if you are driving or controlling your body from inside instead of feeling like you are doing it from above.  Which can feel like you are driving from your head or above your head, out of your body, like a puppeteer.

If you are embodied your hands are aware of the slick exchange with the keyboard, your liver is aware of how you are sitting, your toes are feeling each pebble and each incline that they encounter.

You are in your body, you are living from within.

Can you feel it?  Set the clear intention right now to feel what it is to be embodied.

“I clearly set the intention to feel fully embodied.  I make this commitment to myself with ecstatic adoration and in full pleasure”

Try it now.

What did you notice, what did you feel?

This is the first step in opening up to your value.

What is value?

I have written a lot about this lately, and it has been the key piece of work in the Ultimate Manifesting Program and the work with my students and clients.

What is your value?

Value is a quality not a quantity.  It is your quality, your effortless expression of your individuality.  It is not what you do or give to others, it is not about time or money, and it is not about anyone else.

It is your quality of being.  Who you are just being you, your gifts, your strengths, your power.

How did it make you feel when you read that last sentence?  Did you take a deep breath, sigh, get scared, get excited?

Notice, be aware of how this makes you feel, this idea of having value just being you, no effort involved.

Now imagine embodying your value.

How does that feel?

Don’t think about it, feel it.  Embody it.

This idea of value will definitely freak out the mind.  This mind can not fathom the intrinsic nature of our value, and will do everything it can to get you to keep working, keep watching the clock, keep getting paid for your timely and productive behavior.

So it is a process of calming and comforting the mind to allow it to create new neural pathways to understanding this updated definition of value.

But if you are curiously resonating with this new way of living, then you can create these new pathways to abundance by loving yourself and embracing your desires.

The process of unearthing your value is an isolated process, when you begin to dig and uncover treasures of truth it can not be in connection with anyone else.  Your value is not what you do or give to others.

This is a very difficult roadblock to clear, especially for women, because we have been trained to believe that our value lies in what we do for others.

What if you were all alone, no one around, what would your value be, what would you do?

Your mind may start flipping around at this point, so remember to be in your body, restate your intention and read that question again.

Remember our minds can not begin to digest the vastness of our value, but just start small, one thing that you think that you are good at, with no effort?

Now, it is a little tricky to get around the not doing for other people fact.  For example, part of my value is in being a teacher, but I am not motivated to teach for giving away energy or power, or for the recognition.  I do it as an expression.  It just emits from me, teaching the way I do just flows from me.  I am drawn to teach, it just happens even if I ignore it or resist it for a while, it is always there.

Another piece of my value is in asking the right questions to get you to think about something different and new, also connected to being a teacher.  So this too is in connection to another person, but it is not about the other person it is my effortless expression and that is it.

I don’t think about how I can be better at it, I don’t count how many great questions I asked, it is just me, just what happens when I am living my life, living my desires.

This distinction is a little tricky for the mind to comprehend, so just set the intention that you will discover your value with ecstatic adoration and in full pleasure.

If you are having difficulty with defining your value, go to your desires.  What do you want, how do you want to live, who do you want to be around?  Your desires will show you the way.

The secluded process of uncovering your value will lead you to connection with other people. Once you are feeling some of your value embodied then you have to engage in interactions and relationships.

Because your value is not connected to anyone else but you can only fully experience your value in engagement with others.

How does your value intermingle with your partner, your coworkers, your family, your friends? What happens when you engage, when you express yourself fully?

Connection is the next step to fully standing in your power; knowing your value in connection to others, not because of others.

It’s all an experiment to discover each part of yourself, all of your gifts, and shadows, loves and desires.  So the connection is the experiment.

What happens when you say this, what happens when you do that?  This is the process of fine tuning your value, learning how to manifest and living the life that you create.

Are you ready to do it?

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