Your Ego is Not Your Enemy

Why do you desire failure?

If you are not living the most abundant, thriving life of your dreams, there is a part of you that desires failure.

Sit with that idea for a minute.  Seriously, just close your eyes right now and feel into that idea.

Your ego will definitely say this is ridiculous, but it is also your ego that is desiring the failure.

Our ego works to protect us, it’s job is pure survival.  It thinks that if you step out of your usual routine that you will be hurt, ostracized, even killed.

Your ego is not your enemy, thinking of it in this way will not get you what you want, it will only create more conflict in your life.  You need to embrace and understand the nature of your ego, and then you can rise above its desire for failure of new ideas, projects, a new life.

Why do you desire failure, what do you get out of it?

Some possibilities:

  • to stay safe
  • to stay a part of your community
  • to be like the other people around you
  • to continue to complain
  • to prove everyone right that it is better to stay where you are
  • so other people can take care of you
  • because everything might change

Everything might change, is a huge fear of our ego.

Fear of the unknown has been an overwhelming fear of the ego for eons.

The ego is completely unable to understand anything outside itself, and can only experience anything new with some soul initiated action.

So as you dig deeper into the nature of your ego and its desire for failure, feel into what actions your soul is trying to initiate.  It is usually the one that you feel the most resistance to.

This action is the key to your thriving, abundant and beautiful life.

You can also explore the other side of your desire for failure in your fear of success, take the time to sit down and write or feel into each of these.  If you do take the time I promise you will discover some very interesting aspects of the nature of your ego that will make your next step crystal clear.

“…Freedom begins with the act of self love, not the thought or the theory but the act.” – Mama Gena

If you are ready to stop torturing yourself.  Take action now.

Everything you do has to be about what you want in your life.  Everything, every action, thought, piece of food, every person you engage with, how you drive, how you exercise, how you talk, how you walk………

How can some new actions change your life?

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